Welcome, Freshers of 2017

Posted: September 17, 2017
freshers welcome irl

Welcome to all the incoming freshers!

You’ve probably heard about the union’s societies by now, and I’d like to introduce Pi Society - shortened to PiSoc most of the time.

We’re an academic society focused on computer science (occasionally maths and electrical engineering, too) - that said, anyone from any course can join.

We run regular events and socials - trips (to Bletchley Park or the Computer History Museum in Cambridge, for example), gameathons (see below), and specialist things like ethical hacking lectures (hosted by experts from the Britsh Computer Society). We also do fun nerdy stuff from time to time, like reverse engineering bluetooth enabled kids toys and repurposing them, or hacking together Telegram bots when we’re at the pub.

On Friday (22 / 09), we have a gameathon coming up - we’ll be in Horton D1.24 from 4pm to 8pm, playing Overwatch and Move or Die for the chance to win some Raspberry Pis! Free drinks and snacks will be provided - members only though, so make sure to join up! We’ll be going to Wetherspoons afterwards for some start-of-the-semester socialising.

So, if you have questions about programming, want to learn professional skills for a career in the IT industry, or are interested in our events, come see us at the freshers fayre. We’re on the top floor, across from the cash machine in the library. We also run weekly meetings in Horton D1.01, between 6:30pm and 8pm.

We hope to see you at the fayre, or on friday!

Gameathon poster