Freshers' Week 2019 recap

Posted: September 22, 2019
freshers recap irl 2019

It’s been a busy week.

We’ve had a awful lot of fun running events for the past week. If you missed out (and we’re really sorry if you did!), here’s a brief recap of what went on.

Tuesday: Computer Science Induction talks

You may have seen our president, Chris Delee, give an “intro to PiSoc” talk at the induction day event. It covered who we are, what we do, and where you can find us if you want to get involved. If you didn’t get a chance to see the talk, or speak to us during the break/lab session, you can read our 2019 welcome post here. It should bring you up to speed!

Tom up at the podium

Wednesday: Fresher’s Fayre

If you’re not familiar, the fresher’s fayre is an event the student union holds every year that allows students to explore the available societies and join the ones they’re interested in.

We had a blast meeting all of you, talking about what we do, and showing you a few demos on what PiSoc is about. It seems like a lot of you enjoyed the free loot we were giving out!

If you signed up with us at any time on Wednesday, you were entered into a raffle to win an Arduino Nano compatible microcontroller. We had three to give out, and they’ve gone to Maryam, Tobias and Mustafa!

Fresher's Fayre stall

Thursday: Drone hacking demo

Everyone likes drones. Everyone likes a cool hack. Everyone likes a bit of competition. This event combined all three! While nobody quite managed to knock our drone out of the sky, some of the teams got very close!

If you enjoyed the event and wanted to learn a bit more about hacking drones, you’ll like this talk from DEFCON 23.

The drone goes down

Friday: Gameathon

Like most nerdy folk, we all enjoy playing some video games. Despite a few technical hitches (one of the games segfaulting at the worst possible time!), the gameathon was great fun. We saw some great play in all three of the tournament and good sportsmanship all around.

The winners are as follows:

  • Xonotic: Paul
  • Eggnogg+: Daany
  • Worms: Svetoslav

All of the above received a Raspberry Pi starter kit and a box chock-full of electronics, perfect for any project you could imagine.

Video games!

Friday: 2019’s first PiSoc social

Those that came along to the gameathon were invited to come out for a (in our opinion, very well deserved) drink with us after to round off the week.


Closing words from Chris

It was great to chat to a lot of you during induction day and the fresher’s fayre. I would like to welcome you all to PiSoc - UoB’s computing society. I hope you all enjoyed the activities we ran during the week, from the intro talks to the gameathon. For those that attended the talk on Tuesday, I hope it was informative and let you know who we are and what we are about. I look forward to meeting you all properly at our sessions on Monday evenings and working with you in future on some of our projects. ~ Chris Delee, PiSoc President