External Speaker: Thomas Mangin

Posted: November 8, 2019
external thomas mangin internet events 2019

Ever wondered how the internet works?

What sort of technology goes into connecting the world?

Where did it all come from, and who invented it?

And just how exactly do all of those cat pictures end up online?

PiSoc is very proud to introduce our first external speaker of the year - Thomas Mangin.

Thomas is the Operational and Technical Director at Exa Networks, and has been since he co-founded the company in 2003. On top of that, he spent 8 years on the board of directors at the London Internet Exchange, and 5 on the board of IXLeeds, which he also co-founded. So, we reckon he’s pretty qualified to explain how the internet works.

Thomas’ lecture is entitled “The Internet, behind the scenes”. It’ll cover the history of the internet, and the technologies (software and hardware) that keep it up and running. ISPs, CDNs, IXs and more!

Join us in Richmond C7 (on the University of Bradford campus, for you BCS members) on Wednesday, November 20th at 13:30 (arrive a bit early to be safe!) for a lecture that’s sure to answer anything you wanted to know about the internet. Free snacks and drinks will be provided, courtesy of the BCS.

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